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Inspections are the vital component for every maintenance strategy that you adopt as a customer for your structural, steel, coating, electrical engineering or auxiliary system. We monitor the actual situation regularly and continuously and execute the necessary corrective actions that lead to an interference-free operation of your primary and secondary system that secure your power supply. Thus, expensive outages and losses can be avoided.

Our portfolio comprises tests that are an integral part of periodic inspections required by various institutions and manufacturers. We work on the basis of national and international standards, guidelines and regulations to suit the needs of the customer and to ensure that the operation of your system is secured.

Within the framework of the inspection process, root causes are analysed and consequences, which comprise possible solutions in case of deviations from the desired state, are presented with the objective of providing the customer with options for problem solving.

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Periodic inspection

Higher plant availability and lower downtime, combined with following recommendations with accordance with the standardizations of TRBS, BetrSichV, and DGUV guidelines. We ensure your system safety and security with our recurring inspections and tests.

A small sample of our services are the inspections and tests according to:

  • DGUV regulation 3 / 4 - Electrical systems and equipment
  • DGUV regulation 52 - crane systems
  • DGUV Regulation 54 - Winches, lifting, and pulling equipment
  • DGUV Information 208-016 - Ladders and steps
  • DGUV Information 208-032 - Fixed ladders
  • DGUV Principle 312-906 - PSAgA

We generate excellent synergies in our services like no other company.


With our expertise in our services, we can support you in expediting your processes and making them more secure.

We have been successfully supporting a large number of our customers in many facets such as ; in TP equipment, in the position of an HVDC operator, construction supervision and quality control, as well as, in initial commissioning, or sea fastening.

Complete solutions

In recent years, OIS Offshore Industrie Service GmbH and its affiliated companies have been involved in the construction of various offshore wind projects. This has enabled us to acquire a huge amount of expertise and to gain extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of various systems, equipment and components.

Our own maintenance staff has been intensively trained to provide our customers with this expertise - even offshore. Thus, they have all the necessary qualifications to execute safe, adequate and effective tasks.

Thus, OIS is able to offer comprehensive planning, coordination, maintenance, certification and periodic inspection solutions for the maintenance of offshore wind farms and converter platforms with its own personnel as well as in collaboration with affiliated companies. These solutions comprise the following areas: steel, corrosion protection, electrical (low-voltage, medium voltage, high voltage), radio, navigation and communications equipment, auxiliaries and auxiliary systems, underwater works, working with rope access (FISAT), transportation and logistics and spare part supply and management.

Maintenance / service

As a leading independent service company from Northern Germany, Offshore Industrie Service GmbH is your national and international partner for maintenance in the offshore wind industry.

Whether preventive or corrective, from short term interim projects during wind farm construction to long term maintenance projects of AC and HVDC platforms, we implement your maintenance strategies in accordance with DIN31051 and DIN EN 13306. In doing so, we pay particular attention to manufacturer-specific requirements and customer demands.

Grid stability provided by reliable equipment, reliable equipment provided by high-quality maintenance. With our specially trained employees, we handle virtually all your components, plants and systems.

From elevators to generators, HVAC, hydraulics, pumps, rescue equipment, switchgear, transformers, UPS, to tension anchors.

Our two locations on the Baltic Sea and North Sea offer the highest flexibility for the operations of our workforce.